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Data Scientists

Tear through petabytes of data to find how people benefited from an experiment.

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Scale the tools that make it easy for anyone with an idea to test that idea and see if it works.

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Program Managers

Partner with teams across Microsoft and design the experimentation platform of the future. 

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"A/B test is probably the most impactful business process innovation that has occurred in a very long time"  - Susan Athey, Stanford GSB Reference 

ExP Specializes in Online Controlled Experiments

The internet connectivity of client software (e.g., apps running on phones and PCs), web sites, and online services provide an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate ideas quickly using controlled experiments, also called A/B tests, split tests, randomized experiments, control/treatment tests, and online field experiments. Unlike most data mining techniques for finding correlational patterns, controlled experiments allow establishing a causal relationship with high probability. Experimenters can utilize the Scientific Method to form a hypothesis of the form "If a specific change is introduced, will it improve key metrics?" and evaluate it with real users.

The full article Online Controlled Experiments and A/B Tests was published April 2015 in the Encyclopedia of Machine Learning and Data Mining, edited by Claude Sammut and Geoff Webb.


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